"What's in a name? That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet."

That which we call art, by any other name would be as wonderful. What is true 'art'? Have I earned the title of artist? Or am I a poser? Whenever someone asks me what I 'do', my instant answer is artist. But when I think of what an artist is, I picture someone living in a funky loft apartment with exposed brick, paint all over their clothes. Going for coffee at the cafe down the street every morning. Thats not me. I'm a mom with a messy house. My coffee is folgers instant coffee. But I am an artist, no less. I feel that anything one creates with their own hands is art. Painting, drawing, crafts, and cooking. Creating a garden is a living work of art, always changing. Welcome to my imagination. I will share with you my version of art, using every medium available.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Yummy Coconut!

I want to share a very simple but fabulous recipe I made up for my kids. I'm sure everyone has had the classic p-b-h. Peanut butter, butter, and  honey. Well, just swap out the butter for coconut oil. I also made the best brownies ever,  by substituting melted coconut oil for the vegetable oil called for. They were delicious, and light and fluffy on the inside, crispy on the outside. Perfect! Coconut oil is very good for you, inside and out. You can rub it straight into your hair for deep conditioning. I discovered it through my new hobby-soap making! (Posts on that coming soon!) I had never seen coconut oil before, but a lot of the soap recipes call for it. And I see why. It is wonderful for your skin, and smells so good. It looks like shortening, but melts instantly when you touch it. I looked all over town, at the Wal-Marts, Target, Albertson's, but couldn't find it.  I finally found it at our local health food store, Good Earth Market http://www.goodearthmontana.com/. It is a little pricy, but I bought a $10 membership, and with my member sale price, saved $9.41 It was well worth the membership price. Good stuff, people, you should give it a try!

Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm Beth and I'm an addict.

Yes, you read it right, I'm an addict. I can't stop. I just keep clicking away, wanting to get that perfect shot. The problem is, I usually get lots of them. Maybe not perfect, but so loved by me. Scrapbooks have really evolved over the years. They used to be mostly a bunch of pictures in rows in a book, with a name or date scribbled next to it, sometimes. But open any scrapping magazine today, and they are filled with beautiful works of art. Pages that take hours, days, or even weeks to finish. Scraplifting is something we all like to do from time to time, but its so hard for me. Because of my addiction. You see, most of the pages being created today only have one picture per page. I. Just. Can't. How can I narrow down my lovely piles of photos to just one picture? I simply can't do it most of the time. So, in case you are a little like me, and love all your photos, here's a few pages to spur your creativity. Some of them have been scraplifted by me, but most are my own creations. Lots of these pages adorned the walls of my store, Paper Trails, so a few of you might recognize some of them.

This is a page from a class I taught. It is super simple. Just cut a 12 inch long strip, any width. Pick a word or embellishment for the center. Cut down your strips to fit evenly on each side. Snip a corner off one side, flip it over, lay it on the other corner to make sure they match, and snip it off.  Punch a few holes, and tie together with any fiber.  The rest is pretty self-explanatory. Just message me if you ever need more detailed instructions.

I loved the copper paper with the pink and turquoise. I'm always looking for different color combos, and I really like this one.

The frame for this picture is a technique we taught at our store. It is so fun, and uses up scraps. Lay a sheet of sticker paper sticky side up, place cut up scraps all over in any pattern. Sprinkle embossing powder over all the exposed sticker paper. Heat, as always, use caution. Heat guns get VERY hot! You will be amazed with your mosaic.